Helping you understand Welsh law


Law Wales is a collaboration between the Welsh Government and Westlaw UK. Developed as part of the Welsh Government's initiatives to improve access to Welsh legislation, it aims to provide explanatory narrative and commentary on all areas of law devolved to Wales. The Welsh Government is very grateful to Westlaw UK for providing, free of charge, articles that relate to devolved areas from its 'Westlaw UK Insight' service to the Law Wales site.

Westlaw UK Insight is an ever-evolving and growing online legal encyclopaedia which is intended to provide a comprehensive statement of the law in the United Kingdom. Westlaw UK Insight is made up of articles written by experts in their field and is updated as often as the ever changing legal landscape requires.

In addition to the articles edited and provided by Westlaw UK, Law Wales provides a navigable topic structure and overviews of the law on devolved topics prepared by the Welsh Government.

Both Law Wales and, to a lesser extent, Westlaw UK Insight are works in progress and will take time to be fully comprehensive. Our intention however is to expand the articles and overviews until Law Wales complete. The Welsh Government is very grateful also to lawyers who have taken time to contribute to the site – a site which will be of value both to the professions themselves and to the wider public.

Should you be interested in contributing or if you would like to request a new article on a particular area please contact Westlaw UK at or the Welsh Government at

Structure of the site and how to use it

Aside from the ‘Constitution and government’ pages the site’s structure is based on the subject areas (currently) devolved to the National Assembly for Wales. Within each subject area there is a broad ‘overview’ followed by, depending on the breadth of the subject, tiers of sub-topics each with its own ‘overview’. The intention is that content becomes more detailed further down the sub-topics. Within these topics there are also a limited but increasing number of ‘articles’ which, generally speaking will be more specific and detailed than the overview material. This structure has been created to assist users who may not always know what exactly they are looking for to browse through subjects.

In a number of places references are made to legislation, be that Acts of the UK Parliament or of the National Assembly, or subordinate legislation made by UK or Welsh Ministers. Often hyperlinks are provided to this legislation on Please beware that although contains all UK (including Welsh) legislation it does not always publish legislation in its up to date form, in other words it may not have incorporated changes made to legislation made by subsequent legislation. This is being remedied with the expectation being that all primary legislation is to be up date by the end of 2015.

In the Welsh language text of this site where references are made to legislation either passed by the UK Parliament or made by UK Ministers, the title of the legislation is referred to in English as a Welsh language equivalent of the legislation does not exist.