Ystyr ‘adeilad’

Mae “adeilad” yn cael ei ddiffinio yn y Building Act 1984 fel “any permanent or temporary building, and, unless the context otherwise requires, it includes any other structure or erection of whatever kind or nature (whether permanent or temporary).”

Mae'r diffiniad hwn yn gymwys at ddibenion Rhan 1 y Building Act 1984 (Building Regulations) ac unrhyw ddeddfiad arall sy'n ymwneud â rheoliadau adeiladu, neu sy'n sôn am "adeiladau" neu "adeilad" mewn cyd-destun sy'n gwneud iddi ymddangos bod bwriad i'r ymadroddion hynny fod â'r un ystyr ag yn Rhan 1 y Building Act 1984.

Mae ‘Rheoliadau Adeiladu’ wedi’u diffinio yn y Building Act 1984. Dyma’r diffiniad:

“In this Act—
(a) ‘building regulations’ means, subject to paragraph (b) below, regulations made under section 1 above;
(b) a reference to building regulations, in a particular case in relation to which a requirement of building regulations is for the time being dispensed with, waived, relaxed or modified by virtue of section 8 or 11 above or any other enactment, is a reference to building regulations as they apply in that case, unless the context otherwise requires.”

Y prif reoliadau a wnaed dan ran 1 o’r Building Act 1984 yw Building Regulations 2010 a’r Building (Approved Inspectors etc.) Regulations 2010.

Nid oes unrhyw erthyglau am y pwnc hwn