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Agriculture & horticulture

This section on Agriculture and Horticulture currently contains information about the law relating to plants, animals, the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy and agricultural workers.

The law on plants is contained in EU, UK and Welsh legislation. It covers (among other things) the marketing (including packaging) of seed and other material for the propagation of plants, and the control of pests.

The law on the health and welfare of animals in Wales is contained in EU, UK and Welsh legislation. Legislation on animal health is designed to eradicate and prevent the spread of animal disease outbreaks which can harm humans, other animals, trade and the economy. Legislation on animal welfare has the aim of ensuring that animals do not experience avoidable pain or suffering. 

The Common Agricultural Policy is a common policy for all Member States of the EU. It is managed and funded at European level from the resources of the EU annual budget. It is used to address the issues of food security, climate change and the sustainable management of natural resources. 

This section also contains information about the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014. This is an Assembly Act which, among other things, allows the Welsh Ministers to make agricultural wages orders.

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