Residential mobile homes

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The Mobile Homes (Wales) Act 2013 (MHWA 2013) was passed in 2013. The majority of MHWA 2013 came into force on 1 October 2014.  It reforms and consolidates the law relating to residential mobile homes in Wales. Part 1 provides an overview and sets out which mobile home sites are subject to MHWA 2013 (see section 2 and Schedule 1). This incorporates both 'regulated' and 'protected' sites. Regulated sites are sites which are not holiday sites and not sites falling within Schedule 1. Protected sites include regulated sites, and those sites which would be regulated sites if they were not owned by the local authority.

Part 2 of MHWA 2013 makes provision for the licensing of regulated sites (which does not include local authority owned sites). In general this means that the owner of a site must be licensed in order to use the land as a regulated site. The licence may be subject to conditions and there are associated enforcement provisions. In addition, the local authority must be satisfied that the person managing the site, whether the owner, or a person appointed by the owner to do so, is a ‘fit and proper person’ (section 28). 

Part 3 of MHWA 2013 makes provision for protection from eviction from protected sites.

Part 4 of MHWA 2013 makes provision about the terms of agreements for stationing mobile homes on protected sites. This Part and Schedule 2 include provisions about the procedure relating to agreements, and the content of the agreements.

Part 5 of MHWA 2013 makes provision under which local authorities may provide sites for mobile homes and may prohibit the stationing of mobile homes on commons, and Part 6 makes supplementary and general provision.