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Care and support for adults and children

From April 2016, local authorities have new duties under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 (SSWA 2014) to assess and meet the needs of adults and children for care and support, and to assess and meet the needs of carers for support, including adult carers and child carers.

Part 5 of SSWA 2014 covers charging and financial assessment in relation to services provided or arranged by local authorities under SSWA 2014.

Under regulations made under Part 4 of SSWA 2014, local authorities have powers to provide direct payments to meet the care and support needs of an adult, to meet the care and support needs of a child and to meet the support needs of a carer.

Ordinary residence is a key concept in determining which local authority has a duty to assess and meet the care and/ or support needs of an individual under SSWA 2014.

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