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Sport and recreation - an overview

The Sports Council for Wales (Sport Wales) was established by Royal Charter in 1972, with an amended Charter being granted in 1997. The objectives of Sport Wales are to support, encourage and foster the development of sport and physical recreation, and the achievement of excellence in those areas among the public in Wales. Sport Wales is a registered charity and receives grant funding from the Welsh Ministers.

In addition to funding provided by the Welsh Government, funding is also provided under the National Lottery etc. Act 1993. The lottery is not generally devolved. However, the Welsh Ministers have some powers in respect of devolved expenditure.  

The Act provides that a certain percentage of funds allocated for expenditure on sport is to be distributed by Sport Wales. The Welsh Ministers may require Sport Wales to prepare and review a strategic plan for the distribution of the money. They may also issue directions about the matters to be taken into account when decisions about the distribution of money are taken.


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Last updated
12 May 2021