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Agricultural workers

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Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014

The Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014 provided a duty on the Welsh Ministers to establish an Agricultural Advisory Panel for Wales. The panel was established to promote careers in agriculture, prepare draft agricultural wages orders for submission to the Welsh Ministers for making and advise the Welsh Ministers on other matters relating to the agricultural sector in Wales as the Welsh Ministers may require. 

The 2014 Act also gave the Welsh Ministers power to make orders giving the Advisory Panel other functions.

The Agricultural Minimum Wage

The Agricultural Minimum Wage system has been in place in Wales since the Agricultural Wages Act 1948. Up until its abolition, the Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales managed the system and negotiated the applicable rates of pay and other terms and conditions of employment for agricultural workers. 

The last Agricultural Wages Order made by the Agricultural Wages Board for England and Wales (the Agricultural Wages (England and Wales) Order 2012) came into force on 1 October 2012. 

Following the abolition of the Agricultural Wages Board by the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013, the 2012 Order was revoked on 1 October 2013. However, its provisions were preserved in relation to Wales by section 12 of the Agricultural Sector (Wales) Act 2014 until a new wages order is made by the Welsh Ministers under the 2014 Act. 

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03 June 2021