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Forestry plant health

Since 1 April 2013 the Welsh Ministers' tree health functions have been delegated to both the Forestry Commissioners and Natural Resources Wales.  The Welsh Government has policy responsibility for tree health in Wales and therefore owns this strategy and any disease-specific plans for the management of pathogens in Wales.

The Plant Health Act 1967 is concerned with the control of pests and diseases injurious to agricultural or horticultural crops, or to trees or bushes. The Act gives Welsh Ministers the power to make orders for the purpose of controlling the introduction or spread of pests into Great Britain. Managing the impact of pests and diseases is an important aspect of the general duties to promote forestry and adequate reserves of growing trees.

The Welsh Ministers have made several statutory instruments using powers conferred on them by sections 2 and 3 of the Plant Health Act 1967. This includes the Plant Health (Wales) Order 2006/1643, which revokes and consolidates with amendments the Plant Health (Great Britain) Order 1993 (SI 1993/1320) (in its application to Wales).

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