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Welsh Government Civil Service

The Welsh Government Civil Service is a non-political organisation which serves whoever forms the Welsh Government from time to time, irrespective of its political makeup.

The Welsh Government Civil Service is led by the Permanent Secretary, currently Andrew Goodall.

Civil Service values

The core values of the Welsh Government Civil Service are political neutrality, efficient administration, robust governance and sound management of public funds.

Welsh civil servants are required to:

  • uphold the core standards of behaviour set out in the Civil Service Code: honesty, integrity, objectivity and impartiality- and the Welsh Government's own staff code of conduct.
  • comply with the Welsh Government Code of Conduct;
  • practise the proper stewardship of public money and ensure that expenditure gives value for money and complies with requirements of regularity and propriety;
  • put the principles of sustainable development at the heart of everything they do, focusing their work on enhancing the economic, social and environmental well-being of people and communities;
  • be innovative and prepared to take well managed risks and learn lessons;
  • reduce complexity and bureaucracy to the absolute minimum consistent with the requirements of good administration.
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Last updated
25 April 2022