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Fisheries is a devolved matter and the Welsh Ministers have a wide range of functions in relation to freshwater and marine fisheries throughout Wales and the Welsh zone (which essentially comprises the Welsh half of the Irish and Celtic Seas). Responsibility for the administration of freshwater fisheries in Wales is shared between the Welsh Minsters and the Natural Resources Body for Wales (Natural Resources Wales).

The Welsh Government develops central fisheries policies and is responsible for the implementation and enforcement (including bringing prosecutions) of relevant European, UK and Welsh fisheries legislation. This includes implementation and administration of the EU Common Fisheries Policy.

The Welsh Ministers have also assumed responsibility for inshore marine fisheries following the abolition of the Welsh Sea Fisheries Committees on 1 April 2010.

Senedd Cymru can pass laws relating to fisheries and fishing in relation to Wales, however, a small number of areas relating to fisheries are still dealt with at a UK level (including the regulation of scientific or other experimental procedures on fish, certain import and export controls and the authorisation of veterinary medicines and medicinal products).

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Last updated
21 October 2021