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Housing law covers a variety of topics, including: 

  • Different types of property occupation (including freehold, long leasehold and a variety of residential tenancies); 
  • The private rented sector; 
  • Social housing; 
  • Repairs and maintenance; 
  • Disputes; 
  • Evictions and homelessness;
  • Residential mobile homes

In Wales, housing law is the responsibility of Senedd Cymru and the Welsh Government. 

The Welsh Ministers regulate the social housing sector in Wales, whether that housing is provided by local authorities or registered social landlords (such as housing associations). Amongst other things, the Welsh Ministers are responsible for deciding who is eligible for social housing and the quality standards which social housing must satisfy. 

Senedd Cymru has legislated to modernise housing law in Wales, with the following Acts being passed: 

Key housing legislation
List of key primary and subordinate legislation
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Last updated
01 December 2021